How to edit three box download template

Step 1 : While you are creating a new page, you can add the layout by following the screen shot:
Click to see screen shot
Step 2 : In this step you are prompted to this page. See screen shot:
Click to see screen shot
Step 3 : If you hover your mouse over the download you will see an + button comes up right side of the download row and click on it.

Step 4 : If you want to add more content then add rows with content and images. Finally, save this page as a new template so that you don’t have to repeat this process again and again. To do that follow bellow steps
step 5 : After adding all the rows and contents just click on the template icon.
Click to see screen shot
Step 6 : Give the template a name and save the template.
Click to see screen shot

How to update template

Step 1 : Click Pages -> new page.
Step 2 : Click on Backend Editor.
Step 3 : Click on template Icon and add the master template.
Step 4 :  Change the following things

  • Title – Change color from grey to white
  • Remove Trade Block under Maps – It is in twice
  • With the drawing downloads boxes – Should be labeled Architectural (1st one) Structural (Second one) Other (Third one).
  • With the drawing download boxes – Delete the text standard that is is there and add Click to download

Step 5 : Once you complete all the changes save the template by clicking on template icon and giving it a new name.