Tenders Commercial Projects


Tenders Commercial Projects – Refer to the listing below for an update of the current projects we are working on.  



Tenders Commercial Projects – Quantec is currently measuring trade works on the following projects. Builders, subcontractors and suppliers are invited to click on the tab below to book a copy of the Take Offs and BOQ’s for the respective projects. In order to minimize the RISK all Bills of Quantities and Take-Offs supplied by Quantec are insured against error. Is your bid insured if your Estimator makes an error? Quantec also provides a trade by trade cost assesment which our users use as a check against their bids, This helps to to eliminate bid submittions that are too high or too low.   

Kyilla Primary School WA – Closes 7th June 2021

Coles Floreat Beach WA – Closes 9th June 2021

Paradise Medical Centre SA – Closes 14th June 2021

Apex Radiology WA – Closes 15th June 2021

SJOG Hospital Midland WA – Closes 16th June 2021 

Wanneroo Performing Arts WA – Closes 16th June 2021

Subject to approval